Welcome to Blackburn Lazer

Blackburn Lazer are management accountants and consequently work in businesses using the management information systems that we develop and install to assist our clients meet their objectives. We work with our clients to crystallize their objectives and reflect them in business plans, budgets and forecasts. We work with our clients on their product costing, pricing, range optimization and marketing plans. We continuously review, motivate and mentor our clients.

Our somewhat unique approach as accountants and business advisers is akin to an extension of our client's management team. Whereas most accountants are called in merely to do the tax or write up the books, Blackburn Lazer have the skills and technology to work much more closely with clients in all aspects of business. By working alongside our clients throughout the year, we are able to identify and highlight opportunities for business success as they arise and quickly move to arrest poor performance or cost overruns - not at the end of the financial year when it may be too late.